Euro | EUR to USD last = 0.892 1w: -0.0009 (-0.1%)
Consensus (median)0.820.810.80.79
High estimate1.
Low estimate0.730.710.70.71
Standard Deviation0.
Count of Estimates67503220

After Eurozone's continued growth, the European Central Bank highlighted the slowdown of the zone's economic growth and mounting risks of protectionism. However, the uncertainties and the lack of inflation mean the ECB will remain patient on rates and in the nearest future we will see the tighter monetary policy, which could provide bullish trend of EUR. So I bet on further strengthening of EUR against USD.


I forecast the growth of EUR/USD, because of USD weakness, amid fundamental supports favoring other currencies, and EUR strength, supported by given strong Euro area activity, the ECB's focus on its eventual exit from easing, and scope for FX reserve managers to add EUR assets. Also in 4Q 2017 GDP was in line with expectations and Eurozone is enjoying its highest growth since the 2008 crisis rebound, therefore investors are betting that ECB may drop its loose monetary policy stance.


I am bearish on EUR/USD as I expect higher US rates. On the other hand, declining of growth of EU's economy might lead to further easing by ECB to support this growth