Venezuela (Real GDP, yoy %)
Consensus (median)-1.5
High estimate-1.5
Low estimate-1.5
Standard Deviation0
Count of Estimates1
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Strong Gr.       
Strong Decl.       
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One hope that current oil price increase would somehow give some strength to Venezuela economy. It has great oil reserves but how it is now the poorest country. They need very strong government to take the control over all sectors, including mass media and to restrain all of it , I mean any public violent demonstration. But before doing so, for the health of all officials of Venezuela it is worth to solicit support from Russia and China (within BRICs). This only may help. Well, just economic reforms will not help at all. Please, not be naive. Only strong, military government may help, may change the situation for the better


Frankly speaking if I were the president of Venezuela - Mr. Maduro - I think that the only right step to do in order to take control over the long run recession is to restrain all so-called democracy to take the control over everything with a help of police and military. Then, to ask, to plead Mr. Putin to establish military facility here in Venezuela in order to protect physically itself from US wrath. And ultimately to write off all its debt... This will, clearly, help with oil prices and will limit US influence over Venezuela's power of democracy. The only one favorable exit (from recession and crisis) is to use BRICs conjointly with Russia and China (at least with Russia). Just rhetorical question: why Anglo-Saxon countries are in relative prosperous position? the answer is that they always act jointly (via NATO for example). NATO has come to Russian boundaries right at hand. Thus, Venezuela should persuade Mr. Putin to come closer to US boundaries. You will say this is like a cold war.. Of course, cold war has never been stopped. Venezuela is the country that must to be prosperous but to do so we need to act jointly, otherwise we all lose one-by-one.