Ukraine (Real GDP, yoy %)
Consensus (median)3.7
High estimate3.7
Low estimate3.7
Standard Deviation0
Count of Estimates1
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Strong Gr.       
Strong Decl.       
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Politicians in Ukraine are every day announcing the fight against the corruption. Sorry, but this is bullshit, and nobody may believe in this. Poroshenko by himself did nothing with his own bribable pocket (I mean that before hi became the President he promised to get rid of business, but until now his wealth as businessman has indeed increase (I check Bloomberg filings and forbs statistics). For growth the key factors is to erase the corruption, but Ukraine will fail to do it , there will be no any attracting of foreign investments...I do not take into account the announced privatization in favor of foreign friends (supporters against Russia) at knockdown (cheap) price. That would further squeeze Ukraine economy....unfortunately


The economy of Ukraine is predominated by politicians. In economic theory we do not possess any method to estimated growth or downfall. What we may judge on the available facts, surely, that gas pipeline system of Ukraine will suffer from other competitive routes bypassing Ukraine (Nord Stream 2 and Sooth Stream to Turkey). I witnessed that real offshore works in Baltic and Black seas are underway. Taking into account the balance of gas supply from Russia, and the planned capacity of new Streams, I would suggest that Ukraine would lost at least 80% of current capacity