Netherlands (Real GDP, yoy %)
Consensus (median)2
High estimate2
Low estimate2
Standard Deviation0
Count of Estimates1
Forecast Summary
Strong Gr.       
Strong Decl.       
Forecast Distribution
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I would be moderate in forecasting the economy of Netherlands. The main drawback for me is that housing market slows in the begining of this year 2018 and thus the slowdawn of residential investments should be expected In overall I do not consider any other sound growth driver in Netherlands. Maybe wrong.


Main drivers for the economy of Netherlands are private consumption and domestic investments. It is expected wage increase and unemployment rate decrease, this would support higher consumption for 2018-2019. As per the corporate level it is expected that businesses would invest more in PP&E due to its obsolescence and as it was announced by many public companies to increase the utilization of capacity rates as a result we would expect higher production output and thus, higher growth.