Qiwi PLC last = 18 USD 1w: -0.4 (-2.1%)
% vs. spot / Price1M6M12MLT(2Y)LT(3Y)
Target Price (consensus)5.1%15.3%---
Upside (Bull Case)5.1%15.3%---
Downside (Bear Case)-----
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Data Analysis (Mid - Long term)
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I estimate Qiwi's stocks as an attractive investment opportunity. The Company's pre-payment card product (Sovest) is picking up momentum and I expect that until the end of 2018 Qiwi will sign partnership agreements with Russian banks, which would share credit risks on consumer loans. Also Qiwi has strong client base (such as Airbnb, Aviro, AliExpress, etc) and wins the market share by its various tailored solutions.


In my opinion Qiwi is a high-growth story, so I strongly recommend to buy its shares. The Company has strong cash generation, which was the one source for financing projects in 2017. In cooperation with Otkritie Bank (its largest shareholder) Qiwi is planning to create a multi-bank platform (on the basis of Tochka project), which would primarily present services for SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). I think this project will open new opportunities for Qiwi's growth.