Check Point Software Technologies Ltd last = 124 USD 1w: -2.8 (-2.2%)
% vs. spot / Price1M6M12MLT(2Y)LT(3Y)
Target Price (consensus)0.2%0.5%2% (126.5)--
Upside (Bull Case)1.1%3.2%---
Downside (Bear Case)0.2%0.5%2% (126.5--

Checkpoint Software is one of the largest pure-play network security vendors in the world and one of the most profitable software companies. In spite of healthy demand environment for security products the Check Point's sales forecast appears to be weak. In my view the weaker fundamentals in 2H 2017 were the result of competitive pressures and the Company also acknowledged that Cisco is more competitive today than before. At this case my recommendations to keep tabs on competitive struggle and wait more proper time for investment.