AT&T Inc last = 36 USD 1w: -2.3 (-6%)
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I think that AT&T's future changed on this June when authorities approved its acquisition of Time-Warner. I expect that after closing of this deal, the Company's management will discuss and revise its digital ad strategy. As a result, we will see the changes in the AT&T's outlook and financial targets, so it's time to monitor the situation and make investment decision when we understand the direction of the Company's development.


In general, AT&T has a sound strategy in all key segments: (1) development of new (local-oriented) products in Wireless (spotlighting DTV Now, bundling with broadband, iPhone X BOGO. etc.), (2) setting the foundation for 5G network, (3) shifting from linear video to OTT and development of new products to generate additional revenue and boost margins (such as DTV Now, 2nd generation of OTT platform). However, the major concern is ongoing Entertainment pressures on revenue and margin: (1) higher value satellite subs are traded for OTT subs, (2) traditional video losses