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Price and trend forecast of OFSS for Tomorrow, Weekly, Monthly

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited

Symbol: NSE:OFSS

ISIN: INE881D01027


As on 2024-07-23

3,779.25 (52W Low) 11,240.00 (52W High)

OFSS's Today's Performance

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited started the day by opening at 10,849.95 today 2024-07-23. Its shares reached a high of 11,065.45 and dipped to a low of 10,370.00 in intraday. When the markets closed, OFSS’s stock price settled at ₹10,990.45 per share. Also check out its key support and resistance levels.

OFSS Buy/Sell Targets

Tomorrow, buy OFSS when its price reaches ₹ 10,990.45 with a stop-loss order at ₹ 10,713.81. You can set the target price as ₹ 11,267.09 to capture potential gains. This buy position balances the risks and rewards evenly, aiming for a 1:1 risk-reward ratio.

In the sections below, we will discuss detailed share price target of OFSS for tomorrow's session along with weekly levels. Please note that these share targets analysis is only valid for tomorrow and the current trading week and month.

Important Down levels for OFSS

Downside Targets Value in ₹
Tomorrow Down Target 1 11,247
Tomorrow Down Target 2 11,504
Tomorrow Down Target 3 11,943

Important Levels for OFSS

Holding Levels Value in ₹
Tomorrow Up Target 1 10,552
Tomorrow Up Target 2 10,113
Tomorrow Up Target 3 9,856
Based on where the stock opens tomorrow, if OFSS opens on a positive note, our first target will be ₹11,247. If Target 1 is achieved, we will aim for Target 2 which is ₹11,504.

But if OFSS falls below the average value of ₹10,808.63, you can enter a sell side position with target number 1 - ₹10,552 and second target - ₹10,113 This average value also act as support and resistance level. When the stock is trading above the average, it will act like support area. Another important thing is, stocks usually get back to this average value when the price trades too far from avg. In simpler words we can consider the average price as a magnet.

Daily Volume chart of OFSS

Looking at OFSS, we've seen a Increasing trend in its trading volume over the past week, which really tells us how active traders have been with this stock.

In terms of its price, OFSS has been on a Upward path, giving us insights how its value changes in the market.

Based on this, the predicted sentiment for OFSS is strong bullish.

Tomorrow's Volume based share price Forecast for OFSS

OFSS's Volume is currently in a Increasing trend, and Price is in a Upward direction. Therefore, we can say the stock is in a strong bullish trend. Volume trend strength over the last month compared to the last week is 12%.

Reversal detection for OFSS

Predicted trend chart of OFSS tomorrow for price forecast
OFSS may reverse its trend from downside (Short term bullish outlook) and we can get target of ₹10840 in morning tomorrow
Target 1 tomorrow11074
Target 2 tomorrow11238
Target 3 tomorrow11504

Investferry’s trend analysis method detects short term overbought and oversold situations to identify reversal in stocks. Use this as reference for short term counter trend trades.

Combine this trend forecast with OFSS's tomorrow's target prediction and you will have a base for what can be done in the upcoming trading session.

Based on where the stock opens tomorrow, if OFSS opens on a positive note, our first target will be ₹11,247.27. If Target 1 is achieved, we will aim for Target 2 which is ₹11,504.08.

But if OFSS falls below the average value of ₹10,808.63, you can enter a sell side position with target number 1 - ₹10,551.82 and second target - ₹10,113.18

OFSS's Weekly Targets
1st Up Target 11,247.27
2nd Up Target 11,504.08
1st Down Target 10,551.82
2nd Down Target 10,113.18

As the week for OFSS ended on bullish sentiments, we can expect further continuation of this sentiment. OFSS's initial target will be 11,247.27 for the coming week if it continues to trade higher. But if it fails, we can see lower targets of 10,551.82 in the upcoming week.

Weekly OHLC Values
Open 10,700.00
High 11,065.45
Low 10,370.00
Close 10,990.45

Week for OFSS started with an open price of 10,700.00, and the close was at 10,990.45. OFSS reached the highest of 11,065.45 and dipped lowest up to 10,370.00 last week. This indicates a bullish sentiment for the week.

OFSS full month swing targets
Monthly Up Target 1 11,942.72
Monthly Up Target 2 12,199.53
Monthly Down Target 1 9,856.37
Monthly Down Target 2 8,722.28

Targets of ₹11,942.72 can be expected to be reached in the coming month. Once OFSS achieved this target, we can aim for the next upside target of ₹12,199.53.

OFSS if fails to hold upside, down targets of ₹9,856.37 and ₹8,722.28 can be achieved by end of this month.

For complete three weeks if OFSS is bullish, the stock may decline in the last week on the month as traders usually close their positions. So in this case, you should aim for weekly support level which will act as targets here.

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OFSS is expected to reach the target of 11,247.27 in tomorrow's trading session.

After achieving the initial target in OFSS, we will aim for higher targets of 11,504.08 tomorrow.

However, if OFSS starts to trade below ₹10,808.63, then we will shift our focus to the sell side and aim for down targets of 10,551.82 and 10,113.18.