"The economy of Japan is a highly developed and market-oriented economy. Japan is the world's third largest automobile manufacturing Country, has the largest electronics goods industry and focuses primarily on high-tech and precision goods, such as optical instruments, hybrid vehicles, and robotics It mainly exports motor vehicles

Descreptive Data

Unemployment, %2.5
Ages 15-24 Population Ratio, %42.281
Population Over 65, %31.5
Net Migration Rate250000
EIU Country Risk Score29
Fitch Sovereign RatingA
S&P Sovereign RatingA+
Moody's Sovereign Rating
Big Mac Index3.51

Economic Data

Ability to Pay
Budget Surplus/def (%GDP)-6.7%-5.7%-3.7%-3.2%
Currency Reserves ex Gold (BLN USD)120711881232
GDP per Capita (USD)34513388833844940106
GDP Value (BLN USD)4373525749414904
Real GDP YOY%0.9%0.9%2.1%0%
Reserves 1Y Chg (%)-1.9%-1.5%3.7%
Total External Debt (%GDP)230%222%236%
Total External Debt (BLN USD)100581168211681
Inflation (Risk)
CPI (yoy %)0.8%-0.1%0.5%
Trade Balance
Current Account (% of GDP)3.1%3.8%4%
Exports (BLN USD)701710732
Imports (BLN USD)648607671
Unemployment Rate
Unemployment (%)3.3%3.1%2.7%2.5%

Financial Data

Credit Market (Risk)
10Y Bond Spread (10Y UST)
5Y CDS47
Equity & Banking Sector (Risk)
1Y Price Change (%) (NKY Index)9.1%0.4%19%-12%
EIU Banking Risk242730
Foreign Exchange (Risk)
3 Month Deposit (%)-0.2%-0.4%-0.1%-0.1%
FX Vol - 3M Implied Vol8137.48.6
Historical 3M Volatility7126.65.9
Real Effective Exchange Rate72817476
Real Rates (%)-1%-0.3%-0.6%

Political Risk

Political Risk Exposure
EIU Political Risk141414
Risk From Doing Business
Ease of Doing Business Rank30323434
Starting a Business Rank778189106
Risk From Government
WGI Control Of Corruption1.61.51.5
WGI Govt Effectiveness1.81.81.6
WGI Regulatory Quality1.21.41.4
WGI Rule Of Law1.51.41.6
Deviation of Japan's risk relative to Geo Peers
-100 = min risk100 = max risk,
Less RiskPeer AverageMore Risk