Chile is ranked as a high-income economy by the World Bank and is considered one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations, leading Latin American nations in competitiveness, income per capita, globalization, economic freedom, and low perception of corruption. The Country's natural resources include copper, timber, iron ore, nitrates, precious metals, molybdenum and hydropower. Primary industrial export is copper. And it imports machinery, petroleum, transport equipment and parts, chemicals, steel, plastic and rubber, and textiles.

Descreptive Data

Unemployment, %7
Ages 15-24 Population Ratio, %27.45
Population Over 65, %15.7
Net Migration Rate558539
EIU Country Risk Score31
Fitch Sovereign RatingA
S&P Sovereign RatingA+
Moody's Sovereign RatingA1
Big Mac Index3.89

Economic Data

Ability to Pay
Real GDP YOY%1.2%1.7%4.1%
GDP Value (BLN USD)243269298
GDP per Capita (USD)135761506815902
Currency Reserves ex Gold (BLN USD)403940
Reserves 1Y Chg (%)4.8%-3.7%2.3%
Total External Debt (%GDP)21%24%
Total External Debt (BLN USD)5264
Budget Surplus/def (%GDP)
Inflation (Risk)
CPI (yoy %)3.8%2.2%2.4%
Trade Balance
Current Account (% of GDP)-1.4%-1.5%-3.2%
Exports (BLN USD)637182
Imports (BLN USD)566575
Unemployment Rate
Unemployment (%)6.2%6.5%6.7%

Financial Data

Equity & Banking Sector (Risk)
1Y Price Change (%) (IPSA Index)13%34%-8.3%
EIU Banking Risk3330
Credit Market (Risk)
10Y Bond Spread (10Y UST)
5Y CDS834963
Foreign Exchange (Risk)
3 Month Deposit (%)
FX Vol - 3M Implied Vol11912
Historical 3M Volatility8.88.210
Real Effective Exchange Rate949594
Real Rates (%)

Political Risk

Political Risk Exposure
EIU Political Risk2324
Risk From Doing Business
Ease of Doing Business Rank555755
Starting a Business Rank565965
Risk From Government
WGI Control Of Corruption1.111
WGI Govt Effectiveness10.91.1
WGI Regulatory Quality1.41.31.3
WGI Rule Of Law1.111.1
Deviation of Chile's risk relative to Geo Peers
-100 = min risk100 = max risk,
Less RiskPeer AverageMore Risk