Symphony Ltd
Peer to Peers Index
CompanyMcap, mln $Sub-industry CurrentMin.Max.
SENSEX Index18.2%-2.5%18.7%
Peer Index (Equal-Weighted)-26.1%-27.4%5.4%
Symphony Ltd1 412Household Appliances-17.7%-18.5%62.0%
Anhui Julong Transmission Technology Co Ltd290Industrial Machinery-37.8%-41.2%5.3%
Aucma Co Ltd440Household Appliances-34.3%-35.2%2.3%
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd2 124Household Appliances21.9%-5.3%30.9%
DEA General Aviation Holding Co Ltd134Household Appliances-86.0%-88.0%3.7%
Gome Telecom Equipment Co Ltd385Computer & Electronics Retail-26.0%-30.5%5.1%
Guangdong Chant Group Inc612Household Appliances-50.6%-50.8%5.2%
Guangdong Homa Appliances Co Ltd1 916Household Appliances11.8%-4.0%53.5%
Guangdong Tonze Electric Co Ltd566Household Appliances-69.5%-69.8%5.5%
Guangdong Vanward New Electric Co Ltd1 316Household Appliances-35.7%-35.7%10.7%
Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co Ltd1 139Household Appliances-36.0%-38.4%14.2%
Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co Ltd3 968Household Appliances-35.3%-38.8%36.8%
Hefei Meiling Co Ltd66Household Appliances-24.2%-28.5%2.1%
Joyoung Co Ltd1 976Household Appliances-6.0%-8.3%8.9%
Kingclean Electric Co Ltd1 825Household Appliances-49.0%-49.0%3.7%
Midea Group Co Ltd47 358Household Appliances5.6%-7.1%57.2%
Ogawa Smart Healthcare Technology Group Co Ltd1 859Leisure Products2.9%-5.8%58.0%
Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Bhd555Household Appliances21.1%-4.0%21.2%
Qingdao Haier Co Ltd17 149Household Appliances14.4%-7.9%69.0%
Vatti Corp Ltd1 904Household Appliances-18.3%-25.2%54.3%
Whirlpool China Co Ltd812Household Appliances-42.5%-45.0%0.0%
Whirlpool of India Ltd2 797Household Appliances52.6%-0.4%54.5%
Wuxi Little Swan Co Ltd1 104Household Appliances15.3%-7.9%63.2%
Xiamen R&T Plumbing Technology Co Ltd390Building Products-46.0%-48.8%7.4%
Zhejiang Aishida Electric Co Ltd459Housewares & Specialties-31.0%-31.9%3.5%
Zhejiang Supor Co Ltd6 541Housewares & Specialties37.9%-7.4%61.2%
Zhenjiang Dongfang Electric Heating Technology Co Ltd464Household Appliances-29.2%-32.2%7.2%