Fleury SA
Peer to Peers Index
CompanyMcap, mln $Sub-industry CurrentMin.Max.
IBOV Index14.1%-4.5%15.5%
Peer Index (Equal-Weighted)37.3%-2.2%37.3%
Fleury SA2 069Health Care Services42.9%-4.9%64.0%
Amedisys Inc6 020Health Care Services-100.0%-100.0%87.8%
Attendo AB (publ)795Health Care Facilities-6.0%-37.9%0.0%
Centro de Imagem Diagnosticos SA517Health Care Services21.2%-16.3%46.7%
Chabiotech Co Ltd547Health Care Facilities-33.4%-55.9%11.6%
China Cord Blood Corp484Health Care Services-100.0%-100.0%2.1%
CVS Group PLC959Health Care Facilities171.6%-0.1%178.0%
Diagnosticos da America SA7 364Health Care Services124.8%-6.0%124.8%
Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd1 876Health Care Services84.9%0.0%95.9%
Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co Ltd8 194Life Sciences Tools & Services132.8%0.0%140.0%
ICON PLC8 402Life Sciences Tools & Services-100.0%-100.0%46.2%
IQVIA Holdings Inc27 523Life Sciences Tools & Services-100.0%-100.0%33.5%
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings17 730Health Care Services-100.0%-100.0%50.9%
MEDNAX Inc1 434Health Care Services-100.0%-100.0%0.1%
Meinian Onehealth Healthcare Holdings Co Ltd7 377Health Care Services5.3%-33.3%21.0%
Natera Inc2 906Biotechnology-100.0%-100.0%172.5%
PeptiDream Inc4 850Biotechnology11.4%-2.2%25.0%
PRA Health Sciences Inc5 991Life Sciences Tools & Services-100.0%-100.0%18.8%
Providence Service Corp885Health Care Services-100.0%-100.0%16.3%
Quest Diagnostics Inc14 810Health Care Services-100.0%-100.0%52.0%
Ramsay Generale De Sante SA2 358Health Care Facilities5.7%-15.7%5.7%
Regis Healthcare Ltd355Health Care Facilities-19.3%-21.7%16.6%
Sonic Healthcare Ltd9 127Health Care Services42.7%0.0%44.1%
Spire Healthcare Group PLC590Health Care Facilities9.2%-31.0%13.1%
Syneos Health Inc6 540Life Sciences Tools & Services-100.0%-100.0%77.9%
Syngene International Ltd1 664Life Sciences Tools & Services21.0%0.0%26.9%
Teladoc Inc9 867Health Care Services-100.0%-100.0%101.1%
Top Choice Medical Investment Co Inc4 769Health Care Services93.7%-2.6%108.9%