Pacific Plywood Holdings Ltd
Peer to Peers Index
CompanyMcap, mln $Sub-industry CurrentMin.Max.
HSI Index1.7%-3.7%15.6%
Peer Index (Equal-Weighted)-11.5%-16.8%2.2%
Pacific Plywood Holdings Ltd27Specialized Finance-15.4%-44.6%36.9%
Bank of Iwate Ltd352Regional Banks-37.6%-41.7%3.7%
Bank of Saga Ltd207Regional Banks-26.5%-31.8%0.7%
BNK Financial Group Inc1 691Regional Banks-19.6%-24.5%2.2%
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd7 689Diversified Banks34.8%-3.4%35.9%
Chiba Bank Ltd3 568Regional Banks-15.1%-25.4%6.0%
Chukyo Bank Ltd414Regional Banks-2.6%-8.8%3.3%
EnTie Commercial Bank Ltd924Diversified Banks25.3%-0.9%28.3%
Far Eastern International Bank1 314Diversified Banks20.3%-1.7%24.3%
Fidea Holdings Co Ltd180Regional Banks-18.4%-23.3%2.5%
Fukuoka Financial Group Inc3 486Regional Banks-17.8%-29.2%3.6%
Industrial Bank of Korea4 615Diversified Banks-36.8%-37.1%1.9%
KB Financial Group Inc12 744Diversified Banks-16.0%-24.5%5.0%
Keiyo Bank Ltd599Regional Banks-23.6%-23.6%6.2%
King's Town Bank1 376Diversified Banks15.8%-11.3%16.2%
MyState Ltd357Thrifts & Mortgage Finance14.3%-12.3%19.9%
O-Bank Co Ltd603Diversified Banks-4.4%-7.7%2.4%
Seven Bank Ltd3 016Regional Banks-14.0%-22.0%1.5%
Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank Ltd7 463Diversified Banks-6.7%-21.3%0.8%
Shiga Bank Ltd1 103Regional Banks-4.1%-14.1%5.1%
Shikoku Bank Ltd323Regional Banks-32.6%-32.6%5.3%
Taiwan Business Bank2 841Diversified Banks19.2%-2.6%29.9%
Taiwan Cooperative Financial Holding Co Ltd9 002Diversified Banks22.6%-2.3%23.3%
Tochigi Bank Ltd156Regional Banks-30.4%-40.3%4.3%
Tokyo TY Financial Group Inc299Regional Banks-36.5%-36.5%10.1%
Towa Bank Ltd232Regional Banks-11.8%-23.4%11.3%
Union Bank of Taiwan1 053Diversified Banks18.2%-3.9%21.5%
Yamaguchi Financial Group Inc1 315Regional Banks-44.5%-44.5%0.4%