InvestFerry is non-commercial company. Our primary mission is to timely deliver valuable information to our community.

InvestFerry offers a vast range of asset classes you may track, evaluate and discuss: (a) Country’s economy, economical unions and geographic regions; (b) Companies, sectors and industries across the World; (c) Commodities (agriculture, energy, metals…); (d) all actively traded currencies (FOREX)

InvestFerry focuses on the following Key Deliverables:

  1. Financial and economic data on countries, industries and every company;
  2. Relative performance of company, country, etc. relative to its Peers;
  3. Discussion platform; sharing of ideas and experience;
  4. Your personal perception on the outlook, estimation, risks, opportunities and upsides of a company, commodity, currency, country;
  5. You receive feedback from the community on your outlook thru the medium of “Agree” / “Disagree” and “Reply” tools;
  6. The more accurate your ability to predict of any indicators or target prices the more rank you earn so that to differentiate yourself...

InvestFerry does not recommend certain investment case, we just arrange and communicate the universe of ideas for you. We help you (a) to make your own estimates on any instrument, (b) to take part in every discussion you are interested in, (c) to track any asset or any analyst you subscribe for, and (d) to interact with others on common interest…

Our Users:

  • Professional Investors;
  • Financial and Investment Analysts;
  • Economists and Experts;
  • Companies and its Employees
  • Politico-economical observers;
  • Educatees, and others

InvestFerry team is committed to develop new features, functions and opportunities for your convenience on a daily basis.

In rare occurrence if you do not find the instrument (e.g. a certain company) just send a request, InvestFerry adds it by “one click”.